URGENT – Earthquake Nicaragua


[Message from Willem Vuisting, chairman and president]

Last night  we received an urgent request from the Min. of Health of Nicaragua, via our Niched representation, for help  to safeguard our  donated equipment from getting damaged, during the earthquake of the last few days. In particular help is required to  de-installl, and properly package and transport and store these systems. Obviously the government recognizes the value of these diagnostic systems , and wants to dismantle the systems preemptively . But they don’t have enough skilled capacity to do this.

The  immediate action concerns two of the  old hospitals  in Managua ( Velez Paiz) and Maurizio Abdalah in Chinandega from which evacuation of patients has already started yesterday. The urgent request concerns at minimum to send two expert engineers to Nicaragua as soon as possible to help out our local dealer Rivas Opstaele  to start dismantling and packing.

For this we are in urgent need of additional  funds to pay for travel expenses, tickets, material, tools etc.

I have never asked for financial support before but this is an EMERGENCY and every penny will help and to safeguard to continue to help people  in Nicaragua to get the medical care they deserve.  I will make sure that  every cent will be used only for the purpose of this emergency call.

If you do feel that you want to contribute, please do and use the Niched bank account number:

NL23ABNA0404765335 and mention ” Earthquake “.

Thank you for your support!  We will keep you posted

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