Mauricio Abdalah, Chinandega

The following activities have been carried out at Hospital Mauricio Abdalah in Chinandega:

  • Delivery and major repair of an HDi5000 UltraSound system.
  • Full remodelling of X-ray department including infrastructure.
  • Installation of power line protection systems.
  • Installation of Bucky TH X-ray system.
  • Full remodelling of film development room and equipment.
  • Uplift of second X-ray room for present GE bucky system.
  • Training and Education for equipment usage and ownership.
  • Preparation to go to Philips Computed Radiography.
  • Since July 2013, the full going digital solution connected to the earlier donated bucky room has been implemented, providing digital image processing and archiving.
  • Upgrade of PACS to Spanish language and latest software version. New!


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