Good functioning imaging systems is one, but it is as important to have well-trained staff as well. Under guidance of the UMC Utrecht, and funded by Nuffic, an extensive training program for radiologists and technicians  was started in 2012.

Niched uses the “train-the-trainer” concept: staff trained in coordinated on-the-job sessions, train their colleagues in their own hospital. Where necessary Niched will supply them with the means to do so.

To improve the outcome of todays diagnostic practise, and to improve reliable and safe operation of diagnostic equipment, basic training is needed, adapted to the local needs.  This training concerns training for medical doctors, lab technician, and technical engineers. In parallel a fundamental transition is done to move from analogue to digital imaging and film-processing. This transition will bring better image quality, less film development time and higher patient throughput, and eventually financial savings.

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