Infrastructure Improvements

In order to have properly functioning medical equipment, the infrastructure of the examination room/department needs to be adequate.

As an example, if the input power fed into the medical equipment carries too high voltage spikes, then the device will break. Or if the electrical safety measures are not in place then the life of the patient and the operator of the equipment is in danger. NICHED checks that the minimal electrical requirements are met and suggests improvements in case they are not.

The manner in which the medical devices are placed in the examination room is key to facilitate a fast and efficient patient throughput. The experience from the people collaborating with NICHED is used to assess if the room is in proper conditions to carry out the diagnosis or if needs improvements.

Power distribution, and protection , humidity control systems, and air-conditioning, as well as lights, good cleanable floors, ceiling etc. and radiation protection, for users and patient and staff, should be properly taken care off. This also concerns sufficient radiation protection for adjacent rooms, and lead glasses and other devices.

NICHED with its experienced crew redesigned floor plans and layout of departments, together with the local dealer Rivas  Opstaele, to facilitate  optimal use of space, and equipment installation.

NICHED has carried out infrastructure improvements in Nicaragua’s hospital including:

  • Installation of power line protection system.
  • Installation of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).
  • Installation of Air Conditioning equipment.
  • Building of entire examination rooms.
  • Remodelling of X-ray department.
  • Installation lead protection in the examination rooms.

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