Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

Besides the donation of equipment, the most important element, is a service contract, that covers preventive as well as corrective aspects.

After the warranty period  of a system has expired, the best coverage  against breakdown and repair is a service contract. Often we noticed that none of these were in place, in particular in the poor areas and hospitals in these regions. Part of any donation by NICHED, is a service contract. The agreement with the Ministry of Health (MINSA), till now always has been that the cost for such a contract, combining labour and spare parts, is carried 50/50 between MINSA and the supplier.

This in itself was quite an accomplishment, and we were able to close this agreement after two years of explaining and convincing that this “All or Nothing ” principle was crucial for the success of the Niched Way.

Signing of maintenance contracts:

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