Some of our partners are:

Philips HealthCare Refurbished Systems

Philips Healthcare Refurbished Systems

Philips Healthcare Refurbished Systems (PHRS) is one of our most important partners. Not only they help us with excellent, state of the art systems,  but also their management and employees in many different functions give us their full support.

It is not exaggerated to say that without PHRS we could not have helped so many hospitals in Nicaragua.


CRCB LogoBy exploiting the advantages of modern digital image processing and archiving techniques, matched to some ingenious combinations of simple user interfaces and software and hardware components, CRCB PACS delivers solutions that allow any users – whether clinics or hospitals, new or old – to employ state of the art digital image processing techniques, printing on standard paper, using any type of laser printer device, and patient data archiving on simple PACS devices.

CRCB PACS has produced (free of charge) 12 new PACS viewing stations for Nicaragua (for hospitals EODRA and España)

Rivas Opstaele


UMC Utrecht




This website is dedicated to supporting Nicaraguan radiological education and strengthening diagnostic and interventional radiology in Nicaragua.

The primary Nicaraguan partners in the organization, representing radiologists and X-ray technologists, are respectively ANRI (Asociación Nicaraguense Radiología e Imagen), and ANTRA (Asociación Nicaraguense de Técnicos en Radiologia). UNAN-León and UNAN-Managua closely cooperate in the planning and execution of the program. The primary Dutch partners are UMCU, Utrecht, responsible for the educational program; NICHED, Eindhoven, responsible for improving infrastructure for hardware and maintenance; and NUFFIC, the Hague, providing the subsidy for the on-going NUFFIC-TMT program.

LBSNN [Amsterdam and Eindhoven]

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