System Migration

From Broken and Poor functioning equipment to

State-of-the-art Diagnostic X-ray and Ultrasound

To give proper care requires continuous improvements to the existing installed base, and  upgrades to latest state of the art solutions, for example to install new technology  Ultrasound equipment, or Mobile Surgical Xray systems, with digital image detection, or Basic Xray equipment with digital cassettes, and digital readout  systems. (ref. to the World Health Organization guidelines).

It is presumed that 70% of the medical equipment that is installed in Nicaragua is broken or malfunctioning. When this is the case, the physicians cannot diagnose properly the patient.

When NICHED is involved, we try to replace broken equipment by new or refurbished systems or when possible repair.

This is done with the local Philips dealer (Rivas Opstaele).

From Analog to Digital

NICHED tries to implement new digital image processing solutions for image processing and archiving. Solutions that enable higher patient throughput, 100% optimized image quality, and  an environment that does not require unhealthy chemical  filmprocessing anymore.

These solutions  are easy to use, do not require more than one day learning, are easy to repair, and are cost effective . In addition  the digital way provides unlimited possibilities to archive, print on CD  or DVD , and any digital information in a DICOM format  can be processed and archived, and even shared with others around the world for consultation, review, and other forms of exchange, via internet.

The project was called  “GOING  DIGITAL”.

The most recent projects are the completion of  the  digitization  of the new Bucky room in hospital Maurizio Abdallah, the installation of the new Bucky room and the digital systems  in hospital España , both in Chinandega.

In Leon, the Digital solution was installed and connected to the new Bucky  systems required by Minsa a few years ago.

Preparations have been done for the next phase of digitalization  in hospital Velez Paiz in Managua, including full renovation of the diagnostic department, and equipment.

The same holds for hospital Jose Schendel in Corinto, where in a joint effort with Philips Dealer Rivas Opstaele and Minsa (the Ministry of Health), the complete diagnostic department, the infrastructure and equipment is replaced by new Bucky system, digital cassette read out systems and digital image processing and archiving solutions.

Niched in close cooperation with Philips Healthcare is grateful to many employees of Philips in the Netherlands (Best and Veldhoven)  and Germany (Hamburg), for there support and enthusiasm, to  help dreams come thru in Nicaragua .

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