How it started

This program was initiated  in 2009,  as a follow–up action after the donation of two Ultrasound systems by Philips Healthcare from the Netherlands, to Hospital Maurizio Abdallah and Hospital España in Chinandega in the poor north west region of Nicaragua. The donated equipment broke down after a short period of use, due to the fact that no proper preparation was done  to the infrastructure of the examination rooms in the hospitals, no training was provided, and a disciplined  organisational structure to maintain and guard the equipment was non existing.

The follow-up action focussed on building a sustainable bases to ensure that donations of this nature of professional medical equipment can be successful for  a long period of time, and therefor be instrumental  in giving proper diagnostic care to the people in Nicaragua who need this the most.


In early 2010 the Niched Foundation was founded to drive this donation program, mainly supported by Philips Healthcare, thru expertise, equipment and financial support. Niched stands for Nicaragua Healthcare and  Educational  Development, and is a foundation solely focused on improving the level of diagnostic care  for who need this the most, without any preference for political status, race, colour or religion.

The work of the Niched Foundation is based on three pillars; Education and TrainingInfrastructural Improvements, and only donating Equipment when supported by  proper Maintenance contracts.

The Niched approach is a blueprint for donations from other kinds, hospitals, and other medical initiatives. It is essential that this approach is recognized, understood, and embraced by the higher authorities of Healthcare in the country.