Renovation of Hospital José Schendel, Corinto

Due to the activities of NICHED in Nicaragua, the government has asks us to visit the hospital in Corinto that was in really great need of restructuring and infrastructure improvements and equipment.

We adviced the MINSA (ministerio de salud) one year ago how the replan the diagnostic department. And the goverment in their turn decided to invest heavily in renovations where Philips Healthcare and NICHED together are donating a full functional Bucky System PCR (digital casette reader) and PACS system (digital image processing and archiving).

The renovation is practically ready and the system will be shipped from Veldhoven next week to be installed before the end of the year.

During the installation, the originator of these systems, Philips Healthcare in Hamburg, will also support the installation by sending their own experts engineers to the site to work with the engineers from Managua (Rivas Opstaele).

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